The Restaurant avails itself of the collaboration of famous chef, ensuring the gastronomic success of your party satisfying the palate of the most demanding guests.


The mission of La Nona Musa Restaurant is to offer a tour among tastes and scents, between palate’s delight and taste enhancement, in an elegant and warm environment. The cuisine, by the hands of its expert chefs, suggests to its guests a lot of original food combinations. Here taste, creativity, lightness and a wide selection of dishes, match with the excellence of our service.

Beautifully furnished with elegant trims, La Nona Musa Restaurant is a structure suitable for celebrating and drinking a toast to dream moments.

logo ristorante la nona musa

Our cuisine provides delicacies based on typical products of Campania, such as mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk, and also offers fast dishes to suit the tastes of any guests.

The menù of the self-service restaurant offers a variety of dishes, from pizza to dishes based on fish or meat, from vegetables to desserts.

The ingredients for the preparation of dishes are always fresh and genuine, they are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality of gastronomic preparations. Also celiac cooking available



Rosso Nonamusa

The Nona Musa Red wine contains roses, violets and red fruits aroma: the taste is fresh and fruity. Ruby red in colour, it goes well with red meat, cheese and earthy appetizers.

Bianco Nonamusa

The Bianco Nona Musa wine has a fresh, harmonious and medium structured taste. Citrus scents and white flowers characterize its aroma. The colour is straw yellow with golden reflections. It goes well with seafood appetizers, shellfish, seafood and white meat.