The diver’s tomb housed in Paestum Archeological Museum represents the collection’s highlight that is enshrined here.

It is a rare example that used to adorn the interior of a tom ant that shows our diver taking a dive ( a methaphore for the passage between life and death ).

Very interesting are the plates depicting the banquet and in particular the figure of a deity preparing the wine for it.

Since ancient times wine has always been a popular and sought afther beverage, it’s preparation is something magical, watching all the phases from harvesting to the transformation in must and lastly to the bottling , it’s something so beautiful and intense.

There is so much work behind just one bottle of wine: smiles, tears, work and a great sense of sharing. Here at San Luca we have our own winery LA NONA MUSA that gives its name to oru restaurant.

Daugheters of Zeus, protected by Apollo, the muses practice various arts: Calliope , the ninth muse, has a divine voice and is the only one who possesses every whim.

Taste is poetry, from this comes the idea for our name and brand, sinuos and perfect like Callipoe’s curves.

La Nona Musa is the place where people and ideas meet, here we savour, we laugh and we create.

We have even created a special offer linked to this product.

Our boundle :

Calici di Stelle : includes an overnight stay and a guided meditation in our garden that will end with a tasting or our wine.

We like to think that our guided meditation will be able to not only let you relax but also let you reconnect yourself with mother nature and our ancestral rituals.

Being immersed in the blooming nature, looking at the stars and constellations, and coming back to a state of bliss that last events have taken from you.

Hospitality is an art that here at San Luca we don’t wanto to forget. We wish to be able to hear as soon as possible the laughs of children celebrating their first communion in our restaurant, to see our ecited brides walking through our garden! To live our day to day life with our guests. We can’t wait to live all of these emotions with you again.